Deutz Fuel Pump 4157603 FL912/913


  • Fuel Lift Pump Deutz, Allis Chalmers 4157603 FL912/913
  • Part Numbers 4231021, 2239550, 02134511, 4157603
  • Fits for Allis Chalmers Tractor
  • Replacement Deutz / Allis Fuel Pump that fits models: D4006, D4506, D5206, D5506, D6006, D6206, D6206, D6806, D4507, D5207, D6207, D6507, D6507C, D7007, D7007C, D7207, 6240VC, 6250VC, 6250V, 6260VC, 6260SC, 6260F/L, 6265VC, 6265SC, 6275SC, 6275F/L.
    Also fits models: DX100, DX120, DX13006, DX310SC, DX10V, DX30SC, DX50SC, DX60SC, DX65SC, DX70SC, DX80SC, DX90FS, DX90SC,DX4.10, DX4.30, DX4.31, DX4.50, DX4.71, DX6.05, DX6.10, DX6.30, DX80, DX85, DX 90, DX92. D1006, D13006, D3.10SC, D4007, D4507, D4507C, D4807, D5207, D5207C, D6007A, D6007C, D6206, D6206, D6207C, D6507C, D6807C, D7006, D7206.
  • 912/913W/T, B/F3-4-5-6L, F3L-812D, F3L-912/912W, F3L-913, F4L-812D, F4L-912/912W, F5L-912/912W, F6L-812D, F6L-912/912W.
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